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iHome Full Magical Iphone Experience on all Android phones

"Some people dont like customise the home , so with this ihome you have a interface like (i)phone with all your apps in one place ( no Menu ) this is a better experience for some new users from ;)
when you show an android phone to an i phone addict it always say mine is more easy to use : ihome WILL BE nice for ancient users = same interface but with nice eye candies and the choice to customise... "

New home experience all in ! With great 3d effect !!!
tested on Nexus and other phones.... ( android 2.1, android 2.0.1, android 1.6, android 1.5 )
1.easy to use, fast and efficient.
2.provide a whole new experience on Droid perfectly. aHome , openHome & pandaHome 's themes effectively. QVGA , WQVGA 400 , WQVAG432 , HVAG , WVGA800 , WVGA854 .... OS1.5,1.6&20 ( and 2.1 like nexus one htc desire ( bravo ) ....

by NetDragon Websoft Inc
iHome Full Magical Experience

while waiting TAT Home ( MWC 2010 ) , you can use now ihome:
i tested it on samsung galaxy , htc hero , htc tatoo , droid milestone motorola , acer liquid , nexus one google and archos 5it (but this one cant use the 3d effect like with GDE )

trial version

paid version

Kamis, 25 Februari 2010

Google Earth Android - Nexus One Vs Droid

Google Earth on Nexus one ( 2.1) and Milestone ( 2.0.1 )
Explore the world from the palm of your hand with Google Earth for Android. Fly around the planet with the swipe of a finger, as you view the same 3D imagery available in the desktop version. Search by voice for cities, places, and businesses. Browse layers of geographic information including roads, borders, places, photos and more. Visit Android Market and search for Google Earth to download it for free ( for nexus one )Google Earth :

And visit here (for droid milestone 2.0.1 ) :Google Earth for rooted 2.0.1 and non-rooted phones

Google Earth for Mobile Devices: Google Earth for Android User Guide :

This user guide describes Google Earth for Android.

Welcome to Google Earth for Android! With this application, your Android becomes a window to anywhere, allowing you to view the entire planet in detail. You can also display additional content.

System Requirements

Supported Devices
Nexus One and Droid (utilizing 2.1 or later)
ARMv7 instruction set
SD Memory Card
211 MB Minimum
On Device Memory
35 MB Minimum Free System Memory

Google Earth for Android works best with a WiFi connection, as opposed to a 3G or other data network connection.


You can navigate through this 3D view of the globe in several ways:

Look around

Make sure the
Look Around icon is selected in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. If it is selected the bar below the eye will be green.

Then, place one finger on the screen and move it to check out a 360 degree view from that specific point.

If the bar below the eye is not green, this means the Look Around
icon is not on, touch it to turn Look Around on.

Make sure the Look Around icon
in the bottom left hand corner of the screen is turned off. This will automatically allow you to enter Pan mode.

Then, place one finger on the screen and drag it in the appropriate direction. You can also 'throw' the view by flicking the screen quickly.

If the bar below the Look Around icon is green, touch it to turn off Look Around mode, and enter Pan mode.
Zoom in
Place two fingers on the screen simultaneously and move them apart OR double tap the screen.
Zoom out Place two fingers on the screen simultaneously and move them together (pinch).
First, make sure Look-around is turned on by touching the Look-around icon. A bar below the eye will change to Green to indicate it is on.

To tilt up, touch the screen and drag downward.
To tilt down, touch the screen and drag upward.
My Location

Click on the Menu button and then select My Location. Google Earth will fly you to your location and mark your exact point with a blue dot.
Exit Menu Selection
Once you've made any selections within the menu, you may select the "Back" button to return to the Google Earth viewer.
Reset to North-Up View
Click the compass in the upper right hand corner of the screen to bring you back to north-up view

For more information about the accuracy of "My Location" please visit this related article in the Google Maps for Mobile Help Center.

Tilting Your View

When you first start Google Earth for Android, the default view of the earth is straight down. You can tilt the view in order to see a different perspective of the area you are exploring. You can tilt a full 360 degrees, which provides a view of the horizon.

To tilt your screen, touch the Look-Around icon and ensure it's enabled. To tilt up, touch the screen and move down. To tilt down, touch the screen and move up.

Searching for Places or Businesses

Compass icon
You can search for locations by touching the Menu button and choosing the Search icon.

Then, to Search for a place or a business enter your search terms (e.g. "pizza in San Francisco", "Weitchpec, CA", "1600 Pennsylvania Ave Washington DC", "Brazil").

If your search returns multiple results, Google Earth for Android displays icons for each. Touch the appropriate icon to fly to your desired location.
Clear search results
Go to the Menu and then select Clear Search Results. Touch Clear History.

This prevents previous searches from appearing as suggestions in the search box and clears current search results.

Tip - If you are flying somewhere after you touch a search result, touching the screen stops the motion.

Displaying Content

You can display enhancing geographic content within your viewing area. This includes Places, Businesses, Panaramio (Photos), Wikipedia, Borders and Labels, and Terrain.

Within Google Earth, Press the Menu button to show the layers option.

From the Menu button select Layers. You can select and deselect a layer by touching the check-box to the right of the layer name.

Once you have enabled this content, you can touch the corresponding icons in the main view to display more information. Zooming in and out may vary the icons that you see for a given area.

With terrain enabled, you can view hilly or mountainous terrain in 3D.

Cache, Search History and Measurement Options


From the settings menu, you can access these options:
Clear data cache
Touching the 'Cear data cache' option will clear your cache.

Google Earth stores small amounts of imagery and data you've viewed to quickly display this information the next time you navigate to these areas.

If needed, you can recover some memory space by clearing the cache.
Set distance unit
Toggle between mi/ft and km/m by depressing the menu's downward arrow.

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Acer Liquid E at Mobile World Congress 2010

Acer updated the Android software version for their Android Liquid phone.

Review - MOTOROLA MOTOROI Android Smartphone

Review - MOTOROLA MOTOROI Android Smartphone

Motorola Motoroi (XT720)

Hands-on with the Motorola Motoroi (XT720)

HTC Desire - First Look

Take a first look at HTC Desire, the superphone you have been waiting for. The 3.7-inch AMOLED display presents you with an unmatched viewing experience. The 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor delivers superfast web browsing and amazing multimedia. All of this power is wrapped up with the most intuitive user experience - HTC Sense.

HTC Legend - First Look ( official )

Presenting HTC Legend ... fine art in pocket-sized dimensions. This sculpted alloy beauty is both a visual inspiration and a potent conduit to your social life- online and off.

Sony Ericsson Mini UXP interface

Sony Ericsson Mini UXP interface

HTC Legend hands-on video mwc2010

Here is a video tour of the HTC Legend, a new Android phone with HTC's Sense UI.

HTC Legend - the new hero

Here is a video tour of the HTC Legend, a new Android phone with HTC's Sense UI.

HTC Desire Hands-on demo video

HTC Desire / Bravo ( video tour )

Here is an introductory video tour of the HTC Desire Android phone with Sense.

HTC Desire: Hands on at MWC

HTC Desire / Bravo : Hands on at MWC

Senin, 15 Februari 2010

FULL Nexus One ROM on the G1 (Open Eclair)!!!

You asked for it and you GOT IT! 2.1 Eclair on your chubby G1!!! =D

This is Open Eclair brought to you by Chris Soyar, Wes Garner and Friends.

They said it couldn't be done and here it is. A COMPLETE 2.1 Nexus One ROM on the G1.

2.1 Lockscreen
RAM Hack (canceled out if you use Launcher or Live Wallpapers =p)
Nexus Lancher2
Live Wallpapers (some still don't work) Market ones do =)
New 2.0 Eclair apps

Things I like:
All the 2.0 Eclair apps and features
All the 2.1 NEXUS features! (You asked, you got 'em!)
Speed (fast for Eclair)
STABLE (a lot more than KingKlicks 2.1 Hero ROM)
Its an "OPEN" ROM that's being tag teamed by 2 (and more) awesome devs (Chris Soyar, Wes Garner) meaning it will continue to advance =)

Don't Like:
Slow (compared to Super D)
Buggy launcher2 and Nexus gallery, got a few kernel panics causing restart and a frozen screen. Still fairly early so there's room for improvement)
Live wallpapers and Launcher are just for "show." Take up HUGE resources (if G1's weren't so limited this wouldn't be a problem)
Video doesn't work.

This ROM is for people that felt like they were missing out being "stuck with" 1.6
Chris Soyar and Wes Garner have done the impossible and they deserve rightful praise and DONATIONS.

If you like their work show your thanks in donations.

They are doing all this for free and like I said, they've accomplished the "impossible" for US and for nothing.
Show them you appreciate their time and effort and that the ANDROID COMMUNITY IS THE GREATEST! =)

Get the ROM here:

Minggu, 14 Februari 2010

Xperia™ X10 mini and Xperia™ X10 mini pro
How's it going? Tell someone with the one hand compact Xperia™ X10 mini phone. Navigate via the intuitive touchscreen interface. Have whatever you want, right at your fingertips.

Official demo of Sony Ericsson X10 mini and X10 mini pro

Albin Olofsson and Daniel Rosendahl demonstrating the new Android phones from Sony Ericsson, X10 mini and X10 mini pro, from a developer perspective. For more info go to

Senin, 08 Februari 2010

Nexus One: The Story - Last Episode : In your hands

Nexus One: The Story. A series of short films documenting the making of Nexus One.My Last Episode :How to start with The New Android phone from Google.
Introducing Nexus One :
- unboxing
- wallpapers
- dock car
-google maps
- google keyboard
- vocal search
- google navigation
- outside video and camera
- outside video and camera (night )
- inside macro camera
- Divx video test inside ( light and dark ) and outside
- gallery 2.1
- multi-touch
- youtube
- music 2.1
- games : icommando ,homerunbattle 3d , speed forge 3d
- Android Market...

Nexus One: The Story - Epiosode 5: Day One

Minggu, 07 Februari 2010

Nexus One: The Story - Episode 3: Testing

Nexus One: The Story - Episode 4: Manufacturing

Jumat, 05 Februari 2010

Nexus One: The Story - Episode 2: Display & 3D Framework

Nexus One: The Story - Episode 1: Concept & Design

Kamis, 04 Februari 2010

Nexus One - the google answers (OTA Update )

International users :How to manually update your Nexus One !!
Still haven't gotten that UPDATE on your Nexus One? Basically you just have to manually download the update file, copy it to an SD card and restart your Droid while tapping out a simple succession of hardware keys :

1. Download the update (here)
2. Rename the file to Note that if you're using Windows, just rename it to "update" (no quotes, of course) because it's already a zipped file.
3. Copy the file onto your microSD card.
4. With your Nexus One off, hold down the trackball and press the power button.
5. You'll be booted into a white screen with three Android robots on skateboards. Select "Bootloader."
6. On the next screen, select "Recovery."
7. Your phone will reboot, giving you a picture of the Android robot and an exclamation point inside a triangle.
8. Now press the power button and volume up button at the same time. It could take a couple of tries.
9. Now (using the trackball this time) choose "Apply" and let things run their course.

Starting today, Nexus One users will begin to receive an over-the-air software update on their phones. This update provides some great new features, and fixes a few problems that some users might have experienced, including:

Google Goggles: this mobile application will now be available directly on your device by launching it from your All Apps menu. Just use your Nexus One camera to start searching the web

Google Maps: the Maps application with be updated to a new version, Google Maps 3.4, which will include: * Starred items synchronized with - access your favorite places from your phone or computer * Search suggestions from your personal history - makes it easy to search for places you've searched for before * Night mode in Google Maps Navigation - automatically changes your screen at night for easier viewing and driving

Pinch-to-zoom functionality: devices will now include a new pinch-to-zoom mechanism in the phone's Browser, Gallery and Maps applications

3G connectivity: we will provide a general fix to help improve 3G connectivity on some Nexus One phones

In order to access the update, you will receive a message on your phone's notification bar. Just download the update, wait for it to install, and you should be all set. This update will be rolled out gradually to phones - and most users might not receive the notification until the end of the week. We hope you enjoy these new features and look forward to your feedback.


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The Great "Android phones" War

Nexus one Vs Milestone ( droid) Vs Acer Liquid
Witness the biggest and greatest android phones confrontation ever ;) category : youtube
with the participation of SAMSUNG galaxy , HTC hero (g2) , HTC mytouch 3g ......thanks ;)

the video from this video : The Great Office War

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