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S5570XWKS7 (Spain Firmware) Android 2.3.5 for Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570

Just recently, another Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread firmware for Samsung Galaxy Mini  S5570 released. S5570XWKS7 is the said build number and with a default 'CSC: FOP = SPAIN' Spanish firmware version. There has been no reports yet that this firmware was officially released in Spain, so we just assume that this is another Android 2.3.5 version leak  from the developer (not confirmed yet). The build date was October 15, 2011. As of the date on this post, there are now three Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread stock ROMs available for Galaxy Mini, the S5570XWKS2 that was also leaked a while ago and the S5570XWKS1 which was reportedly officially released in Russia. So, just expect more Android 2.3.5 official released coming on your regions, for this reports means that the developers are working

Build info:
# autogenerated by                                                 Oct 15 17:15:04 KST 2011
# is obsolete; use ro.product.device
# Do not try to parse or .fingerprint 2.3.5 GINGERBREAD XWKS7 release-keys
# Samsung Specific Properties
# end build properties

Anyway you can grab the S5570XWKS7 stock ROM  below via sampro link.
This just comes in a single .tar.md5 packaged after you download and extract the rar file.

Here's the guide on how to manually flash or install it on Odin. 
android 2.3.5 On samsung galaxy mini via Odin
Odin guide: how to install the S5570XWKS7 firmware for flashing.
- Make a back up first of all important data stored on the device
- Put the tass.ops file in OPS button.
- Tick the one packaged checkbox
- Put the S5570XWKS7_S5570OXXKS2_S5570XWKS2_HOME.tar.md5 in the One packaged button.
- Set the Galaxy mini in download mode (Vol Down + Center + Power button)
- Once the phone displays in download mode, connect it to PC then ensure Odin will recognize it.
-  If the connection is already secured, hit the "Start" button.
- Wait up to 5 minutes to finish flashing. The phone will then reboot if the flashing done.
- Do a factory reset

Here's the full guide on how to flash the Samsung Galaxy mini S5570 using Odin downloader tool.

Google Halloween Doodle 2011

A fun time-lapse video of the Google doodle team & friends carving giant pumpkins in the Halloween spirit. Shot on location at Google's Headquarters in Mountain View, CA. Music by Slavic Soul Party! Composed by Matt Moran

HTC EVO Design 4G Review

PhoneArena reviews the HTC EVO Design 4G. The EVO Design 4G is quite the looker with an aluminum unibody design and 4" qHD display. Known as the Hero S elsewhere, the EVO Design 4G has WiMAX data and a dark paint job to set it apart. Other key features include a 5 megapixel rear and 1.3MP forward-facing cameras, 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor and DLNA...
For more details, check out our web site:

MHL Consortium shows some of the latest MHL features

"There are now 2 HDTVs that are MHL compliant, the Toshiba WL800A and the Samsung UN46D7000 now also got a firmware update that ads MHL support. Possibly that all new HDTVs will include this functionality. It allows for charging MHL compliant phones and tablets and to remote control them with the TV remote through one simple cable and one Micro-USB connector. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich might add new MHL features to the UI, otherwise the MHL Consortium is trying to convince app developers and smart phone makers to design the apps and the OS to take advantage of the 1920x1080 resolution of the HDTV when using the HDMI output, to provide higher resolution user interfaces, higher resolution games, the ARM Processors and GPU in those phones and tablets are now getting powerful enough to output full 1080p UIs, videos and graphics, it's time for the industry to take advantage of that! One pocketable phone can now combine the features of Android, Chrome OS and Google TV, it's now a phone, a desktop, a set-top-box and a home console all in one"


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What is Google TV?

An overview of the new Google TV experience

Apple iPhone 4S Philippine pricing

With Globe Telecom being the exclusive iPhone distributor in the Philippines, those wanting unlocked iPhone's have to turn to the grey market. Factory unlocked iPhone 4S phones are already available in the Philippines. You can find these sellers on TipidCP at this link

iPhone 4S 

  • 16Gb - Php46,000  
  • 32Gb - Php51,000  
  • 64Gb - Php56,500  

iPhone 4

If you are looking for the older iPhone 4 is still now priced at Php29,000 for the 16GB model in black and Php29,500 for the same model in white. 

The iPhone 4 is also available from Globe Telecom, but a pre-paid unit will set you back Php37,499. Unlike in other countries, the iPhone 4's from Globe Telecom are not carrier subsidized and Globe actually makes a profit with each unit sold. Apple should really look into this, if they want to see their phones get into the hand of more Philippine users. Basically, compared to the US, Singapore and Hong Kong, getting an iPhone cost much more in the Philippines.


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Halloween threat from Gameloft

Gameloft is offering three games at a discounted price of just US$0.99 (Php42.43) as a promotion this Halloween season. This promotion applies to sale over the Android Market.

Link to Uno at the Android Market

Link to Order & Chaos at the Android Market

Link to Backstab at the Android Market

Battery-gate? Apple iPhone 4S / iOS5 battery drain issues

We first heard about battery life issues with the Apple iPhone 4S, and iOS5 upgraded iPhone 4's and 3GS's, from PhoneArena almost two weeks ago. Back than, I figured it was really just a result of iOS5 five being more Android like since it now sync's to the cloud, updates location data and has notifications. I figured people may also have just been using Siri too much. A week later Chris Breen of Macworld wrote about his efforts to diagnose the problem

But when we see things like The Inquirer writing that the Samsung Galaxy S II has longer batter life than the iPhone 4S, we really start to wonder. The Galaxy S II does after all have a much larger screen than the iPhone 4S and the biggest battery drain on an Android is the power consumed by the display.

Today, TechRadar reported that Apple is contacting iPhone 4S users about battery drain issues. I guess, this confirms that there is a problem with iOS5 or the battery in the iPhone 4S, which is not caused by excessive Siri use.

Having engineers look into it, rather than a quick public denial, only to back-track, later is a much better way for Apple to handle this kind of thing. So what while it does Appear that there is a problem with the iPhone 4S  battery or an issue with iOS5 which affects a fair number of users, I don't think we should label this one battery-gate. The denial factor is missing.

November 3, 2011 update. Laptop Magazine reports Apple has confirmed that a "small number" or users are experiencing battery life issues and will be issuing a fix in a few weeks. Laptop Magazine reminds readers that the dual core Apple iPhone 4S does consume more power than the older iPhone 4,

One area which may have caused confusion confusion was when Tim Cook announced during the iPhone 4S launch that the iPhone 4S had one hour more of 3G talk time without mentioning anything else on the battery life.

The new iPhone 4S, based on Apple's released specifications has 33% less standby time and one hour less web browsing time over WiFi. 

Samsung overtakes Apple as the biggest smartphone seller in Q3 of 2011

The BBC citing data from Strategy Analytics reports that Samsung how now overtaken Apple as the biggest smartphone maker in the world. For the third quarter of 2011 Samsung accounted for 23.8% of of all smartphones shipped in the quarter. Apple came in second with 14.6% and Nokia came in third with 14.4%.

Market share Q3 2011
Samsung - 23.8%
Apple - 14.6%
Nokia - 14.4%
This time last year Nokia had a 26.5% share with Apple coming in with 14.1% and Samsung with 7.5%. 

Market share Q3 2010 
Nokia - 26.5%
Apple - 14.1%
Samsung - 7.5%
Source: CNET

One thing which should be noted is that Samsung and Nokia offer smartphones at all price points while Apple, and other top manufacturers like HTC and Motorola, only compete only up to the mid-level market.

Some things may change the equation in this quarter.

1. Apple has a lower cost offering. Traditionally Apple only kept two models in the market at one time. Now they will keep three models, which means they will be offering the iPhone 3GS which becomes the cheapest iPhone in history.

2. Nokia has launched their Windows Phone 7.5 device. A 14.4% market share shows that Nokia brand is still strong, and now its name, and Windows Phone 7.5, could help them regain market share. 

3. Android handsets are now getting cheaper than ever. Last year Symbian and Bada smartphones where cheaper than Android alternatives. Now Android smartphones can be found at prices matching even the cheapest smartphones. This would put more pressure on Nokia.

Nokia's flexible user interface prototype demo

A prototype at Nokia World in London of device controlled by how it's flexed.

LG Optimus Black @Php15,990

LG is offering its slim 4-inch Android phone, the LG Optimus Black, on a promotional price of Php15,990 which is a discount of Php2,000 from its current market price. The promotion runs until December 18, 2011.

The promo mechanics are a bit more complicated than I would have liked. To avail of the promotion you have to buy it online through LG's website and payment must be made through a credit card or paypal account. The phone will be delivered to your address. Would be better if they just offered the promotional price on over the counter sales. Anyway, you can get you the LG Optimus Black at the promotional price by following this link.   

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Windows Phone 7 arrives

Nokia has comes out with their first Windows Phone 7.5 handsets, the Lumia 800 and 710. From a hardware standpoint these devices are not revolutionary. The most significant thing these Nokia phones id that they will give the world a good look at Windows Phone 7.5. In a world obsessed by apps, Windows Phone 7 was largely ignored when it came out last year because it had a small app market compounded by the lack some key features. I also think one problem with Windows Phone 7 was it dared to do things in a different way.

Today mobile phone operating systems do look like they evolved from my first Windows based smartphone, which in turn was derived from the interface of a desktop computer. They are too app centric. Want to get something done, launch the appropriate app. 

Now at version 7.5, the missing features are present, the app market is 35,000 strong, and Nokia has committed to giving 25,000 Nokia Lumia 800 handsets to app developers to encourage app development. Windows Phone strength, its amazingly intuitive interface has been improved. Windows Phone does have apps, but its main focus is  integrating functions into hubs.

Hubs in Windows Phone 7.5 allow you to organize information in a single spot. Want to communicate with a friend, go to the People Hub  which allows you to connect contacts by making a phone call, sending a SMS or an instant message, posting on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Don't worry about what app you should use, just decide who you want to communicate with. Android moves in this direction with its latest Android 4.0.

If you decide to send a person a SMS, Windows Phone 7.5 will show you if the person you are about to SMS is online on Facebook or Windows messenger. You can seamlessly switch between texting, Windows Live Messenger or Facebook Chat from within a single message thread. Apple's iOS 5 messenger has similar functionality. 

Similar integration is done with other hubs, to cover work, play, pictures and music. Instead of hoping from app to app, just think about what you want to do, and you will find all relevant information and apps in one place.

With both Android and iOS adding features found in Windows Phone 7.5, it would seem that Android and iOS developers seem to think that integration is the path to take. And when it comes to integration Windows Phone 7.5 still leads the way.

The other notable thing about the Windows Phone is the Metro Interface. It was really designed with the small screen in mind. From the live tiles to the larger fonts, it is a lot easier to use on a small screen. Much less squinting.

With Nokia launching their own Windows Phone devices, the world will finally get a better look at Metro and Hubs, and I think they will like what they see. I think this places Nokia on the road to recovery, boosts the visibility of Windows Phone devices of other manufacturers, and puts Windows Phone back in the mobile OS map.  For the first time since its launch, I feel certain that Windows Phone 7.5 won't be going away.

Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570XXKS1 Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread Officially Release in Russia

The latest official Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread firmware update has been release via Kies server for Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 in Russia. The firmware build number is S5570XXKS1 with CSC file S5570SERKS1 which has the firmware code "SER" for Russia. A few days ago a leak stock ROM with build number of S5570XWKS2 which is also an Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread  was also released but some reports from advance users who already tried it that it drains the battery too fast. Although, there is only a few changes from 2.3.4 but, we hope that this might be a stable Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread for Galaxy Mini.

Here's the screenshot via samkiesupdates tweets about the said S5570XXKS1 firmware update on Kies.
You can grab the copy of the S5570XXKS1stock rom here, the passcode is ''.
The file which came in a single packaged, S5570XXKS1_S5570XXKS1_S5570SERKS1_HOME.tar.md5  in which can flash or install via Odin on its PDA slot. Anyway any unbranded version of galaxy mini can use this firmware for it has also English and some European languages included into it. We will try to gather more info about  this firmware version and try to update this post if there is something interesting on this Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread update version for Samsung Galaxy Mini that might suite your interest.

Here's the full guide on how to flash the Samsung Galaxy mini S5570 using Odin downloader tool

Does Apple now think it invented the Apple?

Apple and patent lawsuits is starting to border on the ridiculous. But this one takes that case. reports when a small the owner of a small cafe in Germany, Apfelkind, was trying to register her trademark, she received a letter from Apple sent her a letter from California headquarters last month saying its logo would be damaged by any trademark rights she might win for her apple and that in particular, the choice of the color red, the leaf on the apple stem and the shape of the apple could confuse consumers.

Here are the two marks, you decide:

Make Free Video Calls on Samsung Galaxy S and S2 using Skype

In this post, we will show you simple way to make free video calls on your Samsung Galaxy S and S2 Android Devices using Skype video calling feature which was recently added to some limited android phones only and we hope that they will enable this feature for all android compatible smartphones for next update of this application.

Skype is one the best chat client which support many features such as video calling, text messaging, making group calls, group chat for affordable prices. Skype releases its official app to all the Android users in which you can make video calling from your android device. In the previous update of android there are only few phones supports this video calling feature but in this new update it supports almost all the android devices.
Read more »

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S5570XWKS2 Android 2.3.5 for Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 now available

The Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread for Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 is available online and released by sammobile. The firmware build number is S5570XWKS2 which has a firmware code for Europe. There are no reports that this version is an official firmware update that has been released over Europe regions, so this might be a developers leak (not confirmed yet).

Some advance users already tried the said S5570XWKS2 Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread on their Samsung Galaxy Mini and here's some feedbacks what they came up so far on this upgraded Android 2.3.5 version:
- Looks like the same as of 2.3.4
- Battery life improves but others says it's fast draining
- Much more faster in speed performance
- Scrolling is much smoother
- Wi-fi speed increase
- Others like camera and audio nothing change

It's too early to say that this firmware is stable, since we suspect that this is only a beta version. But if you are adventurous enough and want to try this upgrade version, you can grab the copy of the S5570XWKS2 Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread stock ROM via link S5570XWKS2.rar - password:

Here's the guide with Odin screenshot on how to install the S5570XWKS2 Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread on Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570. If you will download the file and after extracted it, you can view two files -  the APBOOT and PDA.You also need the TASS.OPS file and Odin here. And see other Galaxy mini stock ROMs list in-case if you want to revert back again from your previous firmware version.

Note: Just make sure that your Galaxy mini is absolute/fully charged, this is a little bit risky process since we are flashing a new bootloader here, once if the flashing fails it might brick your device, so proceed at your own risk.

Now in Odin you just in-place each files to its designated slots in Odin.
-  on the OPS button is the tass.ops
- the Boot button is the APBOOT_S5570XWKS2_CL584844_REV02_user_low_true.tar.md5
- the PDA button is the CODE_S5570XWKS2_CL584844_REV02_user_low_true.tar.md5
S5570XWKS2 Android 2.3.5 for Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570
Once all desired file already loaded on Odin, set the Galaxy Mini in download mode ( Volume Down + OK + Power ) then connect the phone to PC. Once detected by Odin just hit the "START" button. then wait until the flashing process completes. Then do a factory reset.

HTC Beats on Tour

HTC Beats on Tour

HTC sensation XE and XL with beats audio

Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710

Nokia launched two Windows power smartphones today, the Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710.

The Nokia Lumia 800 takes its place as Nokia new flagship, with a curved 3.7-inch 480 x 800 resolution ClearBlack AMOLED LCD, encased in a stylish black, cyan or magenta case. Inside is a 1.4GHz processor, 512MB or RAM, 16GB of internal storage and maybe its best feature, a 8MP camera with f/2.2 Carl Zeiss Tessar lens with a dual led flash and a dedicated camera button. On paper at least, this should be better than the camera on the Apple iPhone 4S and on any Android phone.

A bit perplexing is the absence of a front camera. That is one feature that distinguishes a Windows Phone 7 device from a Windows Phone 7.5 device.

As with other Windows Phone 7.5 Mango devices, it comes with 25GB of free SkyDrive. Over and above this Nokia added Nokia Drive, a free turn-by-turn voice navigation program. This is the first Windows Phone to come with free turn-by-turn voice navigation. Nokia Drive voice navigation works in the Philippines. Google Maps navigation, found in the Android phones and the iPhone, works here to, but without turn-by-turn voice support.

In addition, Nokia added a new service called Nokia Music with Mix Radio and an ESPN Sports Hub. 

It seems a bit like deja vu, a potentially great camera, free turn-by-turn navigation, but this time instead of a Symbian packing N8, we have a Windows power Lumia 800. Retail price is US$585, which should put it at around Php26,000 to Php28,000 locally. A bit more expensive than we were expecting, but I think this will sell really well here. 

The other phone announced is the was the Nokia Lumia 710 which sports a 3.7-inch 480 x 800 resolution ClearBlack LCD,a 1.4GHz processor, 512MB or RAM, 8GB of internal storage and a 5MP camera. We expect this phone to retail locally at about Php16,000 to Php18,000. 

Well, that's all. Right now Nokia's Windows Phone 7 line-up looks a bit thin. 

Selasa, 25 Oktober 2011

Microsoft Android license fees and Apple gestures

As a user of Windows Mobile as far back as 2003 I am not too surprised by the fact that the majority of Android smartphone makers are paying license fees to Microsoft. My first Smartphone had an informational homescreen, easy to identify icons, a file manager and other features I appreciated which became something I looked for in my later phones, whether a Windows, Symbian or Android device. I am not sure what the Microsoft-Android licensing agreements cover,  but I think a long look should be taken before branding it unfair. Microsoft does license. It does not block innovation.

While the Open Source community is all riled up about this, the question is why? Not everything has to be free. 

Apple on the other hand, likes to claim that it invented the innovations which led to todays smartphones. I will let you be the judge of that. Here is a Windows CE based touchscreen phone from 2005.

Here is a review of the Neonode N1m which uses Apple gestures two years before the Apple iPhone.

Apple does not license. It does not want to compete in the open market. It want's to keep prices of technology high.   

If Microsoft and HTC inked a deal, what is wrong with that? Apple, there is plenty of wrong with what they are doing. 

Nokia Windows Phone 7 launch day and a look at this amazing, if somewhat disappointing, month

Today marks our fourth major phone launch this month. The Apple iPhone 4S launch was technologically a disappointment. Four months delayed Apple launched a phone with four month old technology, with performance clocked down 20% from previous product, the iPad 2 launched seven months earlier and and the remainder of technology being from 2010. Together with the iPhone 4S, was iOS5 which incorporated features already found in other operating systems. The phone killer feature, Siri had been largely ignored when it was offered for a variety of iOS devices for over two years, and only became the object of media and user attention now that it was pulled out from the Apple market and made an iPhone 4S exclusive. In other words, the iPhone 4S launch, might impress many, but not those in the know.

Next up was, Motorola who launched their RAZR. It was a less ambitious launch. But in the end, we were left with only one thought in mind. How they they make an LTE phone so thin. Motorola had really only one new thing to show, but 7.1mm thick was amazing enough to be one new thing. If Google had launched Ice Cream Sandwich on this device, it may have been more interesting than the Google-Samsung launch the next day.

In fairness the Google-Samsung Nexus phone launch would be impressive to many, the phone is definitely cutting edge. But to those who already saw the announcement LG Optimus LTE LU6200 of the Samsung Galaxy S II HD the previous month in Korea, the  Google Galaxy Nexus really did not bring anything all that new to the table. The Optimus LTE LU6200 and the Galaxy S II HD already having large 720p screens and 1.5GHz dual core processors. Actually, this phones have features that the Galaxy Nexus do not have like  a MicroSD card slow and USB-on-the-Go. 

As for Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. It really incorporates many features already available in other manufacturer customized ROMs and actually takes Android in the same direction as Windows Phone 7. To those in the know, well we have seen that before. 

Now it is time for Nokia. The operating system, Windows Phone 7.5 was already launched a month ago, so we are not expecting too many surprises in this department. Windows Phone 7.5 has strict design specifications and hardware support limitations so you know what you will be seeing will have the following:
  • 480 x 800 screen resolution, which would limit the screen sizes to what is feasible under these resolutions 
  • 800MHz to 1.5GHz processor
  • 8GB of internal storage of higher
  • 5MP or higher camera
Given it is a Nokia, we can expect the crisp and clear AMOLED or clear black displays, excellent OVI (now Nokia) Maps with its offline voice guided turn-by-turn navigation (which is voice guided in many more countries than Google Maps) and a bit of Carl-Zeiss magic in their camera. We would not even be surprised to see a QWERTY slider too. 

No, Nokia really cannot "WOW" us with the hardware or the software.

The software is the best mobile phone operating system in terms of interface. It really works on a small screen, and yes even 4.65-inches is a small screen. It is an integrated operating system, not one that basically makes you jump from app to app. Its lack of market share has been due to many factors, but not because the operating system is not up to snuff.

What Nokia needs to do is not really impress the public with anyone one product but launched a whole now line-up covering a wide cross section of the smartphone market and announce "Nokia is back" and Windows Phone 7 is here to stay. Than get the phones out in the market now, meaning by November, starting with Europe, China, India and South East Asia.

That is all Nokia really has to do. 

Samsung GALAXY Note TV Commercial TV-Spot Werbung

Why you won't be reading about Sony-Ericsson Xperia's here anymore

We got this sad piece of information from TechCrunch: Sony Ericsson Forces A Fan Site Into Submission.

Sony Ericsson has sued two Sony Xperia fan sites, and  The owner of the sites has decided not to fight the issue out, after for most of us this is a hobby. Here is his statement:

It is with great sadness that we have to bring you the news that this will be the last post on this website. Sony Ericsson has filed a formal complaint about the use of the trademarked ‘Xperia’ name in our domain name and have requested that the domain names, including that of, be transferred to them. 
Sony Ericsson is alleging that we have used the domain names in “bad faith”. We are stunned and disappointed that Sony Ericsson, a company that we have spent much of our free personal time in promoting, especially the Xperia brand, has decided to take this formal action against us. After all we are just like you, passionate Sony Ericsson users, who have strived to bring the community breaking news and an independent viewpoint. 
We do not have the resources to fight Sony Ericsson on this and therefore this is the last you will hear from us. Sony Ericsson has made great strides in its Xperia portfolio, especially in listening to the community. This makes it all the more confusing as to why Sony Ericsson would want to shut us down. We genuinely believe that 2012 could be a bumper year for the company, we just wish we could have been there along for the ride. 
All the best. 

If Sony-Ericsson is not fond of the free publicity it gets from blogs and fan sites, I am very willing to accommodate them. We wont be using the word Xperia in this blog after this article, hence we wont be covering any products which have that as part of its name.

Imagine Apple sued sites it numerous fan sites which use the word Apple or Mac as part of their name or if Google sued the fan sites and forums that use Android as part of their name.

Apple updates it MacBook Pro line-up

Apple has updated it MacBook Pro line-up without much fanfare. The 13-inch MacBook Pro now comes in 2.4GHz and 2.8GHz Intel Core i5 processor, as opposed to the previous line up of 2.2GHz and 2.4GHz. Prices are the same. Storage has also been increased from 320GB or 500GB to 500GB and 750GB. The 13-inch model is the one of interest to readers of this site.

We were hoping Apple would trim the weight of its 13-inch MacBook Pro, which at 4.6 pounds feels a bit heavy compared to its direct competitor the 3.8 pound Sony Vaio SB.

The 15-inch and 17-inch MacBooks Pro's have also received processor and storage upgrades, as well as faster graphics, all at the same price. 

HTC partners with Dropbox to give 5GB of online storage to HTC Androidphones

HTC has entered into a partnership with Dropbox to give 5GB of online storage to HTC Android phones. HTC posted this on their Facebook page. I am not sure if this offer only applies to new HTC devices or even older HTC Android phones.

Dropbox provide free online storage to all Android, BlackBerry and iOS devices, although only 2GB free storage is given. You can earn additional storage by completing some tasks or referring other users to get up to 10GB.

HTC Windows Phone 7 devices do not get this. Dropbox does not have a Windows Phone 7 app. Windows Phone 7 devices do have 25GB of Skydrive storage, but it is not the same thing as having Dropbox storage.

Dropbox syncs your offline files to online storage whenever you have an internet connection. If you have several desktops or laptops it will sync your files across your devices. You can also share files to other Dropbox users. You can also access your online files via any web browser. Dropbox works across multiple platforms which include Windows, Mac OSX and Linux making even it more useful.

Basically, Skydrive only allows you to upload files, and share what you uploaded.

Senin, 24 Oktober 2011

S5670JPKQ7 [Arabic Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread] Firmware Update for Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670

Here's the Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread Arabic version for Samsung Galaxy Fit GT-S5670, the firmware build number is S5670JPKQ7 with CSC file S5670OJPKQ4. The build date is September 18, 2011, we cannot confirmed yet if this is officially released by Samsung or just a leaked version. If you're in Arabic regions you may confirm if by checking out KIES server. We know it's been a while that the Android 2.3.4  for Arabic Regions is farther more delayed while the other regions in Europe and Asia already got the firmware update since July and August. So here it comes, you can try it by yourself.

build info
# autogenerated by                                                 Sep 18 18:32:23 KST 2011
# is obsolete; use ro.product.device
# Do not try to parse or .fingerprint 2.3.4 GINGERBREAD JPKQ7 release-keys
# Samsung Specific Properties
# end build properties

The S5670JPKQ7 Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread Arabic version stock ROM is available now online on sammobile. The password is "". You can manually install it on Samsung Galaxy Fit using an Odin Downloader tool. We will try to make a tutorial for it after we can confirm that this said update version is official release over Arabic region.

Update: How to install it using Odin 

- Once you downloaded the S5670JPKQ7 firmware packaged. Extract or unrar it.
- Download the ODIN Multi Downloader v4.38 and OPS: BENI_V1.0.OPS

NOTE: You should always do a factory reset after flashing or installing a new rom. Just make sure to back up all of your important data including contacts/messages etc.

1) Turn off your Samsung Galaxy Fit
2) Remove your SIM Card and SD Card, just to avoid any issues
3) Run ODIN 4.38.exe on your PC
4) Click the OPS button then select BENI_v1.0.ops from extracted archive and load it.
5) Tick on the One Packaged checkbox, Auto Reboot and Protect OPS were also remain checked.
6) Click on the One Packaged button then load S5670JPKQ7_S5670OJPKQ4_S5670XWKQ4_HOME.tar.md5 file.
  7.Turn Off your Samsung Galaxy Fit, then reboot it into download mode by pressing POWER+VOLUME DOWN+OK Button simultaneously. Then Connect the device via USB into PC. On ODIN's COM Port Mapping will highlight into yellow color when the device is already detected.

  8) If all is set and ready: Press "START" button and wait until the process completes.

S5670JPKQ7 Arabic Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread flashing
Loading the OPS and the single packed firmware file on Odin
S5670JPKQ7 Arabic Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread flashing in odin
Shows a word "PASS" when the flashing finishes
9) Once it finishes you will see a word "PASS" in odin, disconnect the phone,confirm the new downloaded firmware version by typing **#1234#. You may also do a full reset to have a fresh newly firmware installed by typing *2767*3855#.

Smart Communications now has 1,200 HSPA+ 42.2 mbps site in 120 cities and municipalities

Contrary to earlier reports that Smart Communications will be rolling out an LTE network, Smart Communications has confirmed that is has now 1,200 HSPA+ 42.2 mpbs towers in 120 cities in municipalities in the Philippines. The roll is being done rapidly. Smart Communications having increased the number of HSPA+ 42.2 mbps towers from 500 towers last month to 1,200 towers today.

I am not sure what has happened to Smart Communications plan to deploy a LTE  network. The advantage of a HSPA+ network is the technology is backwards compatible to 3G networks. LTE on the other hand promises 100 mbps download speeds. 

What phones can take advantage of these new speeds? There are still no HSPA+42.2 mbps phones.

a) Most 2010 phones like the iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S support HSPA 7.2 mbps.

b) Some late 2010 phones, like HTC's Desire HD, and most 2011 phones like the HTC Sensation and Desire S support HSPA+ 14.4 mbps. The new Apple iPhone 4S also supports HSPA+ 14.4 mbps.

c) The Samsung Galaxy S II supports HSPA+ 21.1 mbps.

I9100JPKJ2 Arabic Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread for Samsung Galaxy S II released

The official Arabic version of Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread firmware update for Samsung Galaxy S II  finally released. The firmware hits over Iran region with build number I9100JPKJ2 and CSC file of I9100OJPK1 with a build date of  October 13, 2011. So, any Arabic regions with default CSC file as OJP like Egypt, United Arab Emirates can now may try to update their device through Samsung Kies server.

Firmware details:
Device: Samsung Galaxy S II I9100
Build number: THR = Iran I9100JPKJ2/I9100OJPKJ1
Version: Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread
PDA : I9100JPKJ2
BUILD INFO THU OCT 13 13:50:39 KST 2011

Manual Flashing Procedure on how to install  the Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread Arabic I9100JPKJ2 on Samsung Galaxy S II I9100 using Odin downloader tool.

You can download the I9100JPKJ2 Stock ROM via password is: SAMFIRMWARE.COM and the Odin Downloader tool.

You can upgrade your Arabic version of Galaxy S II with the firmware build number info below:
I9100JPKF3 Android 2.3.3
I9100JPKG2 Android 2.3.3
I9100JPKH1 Android 2.3.3
I9100JPKI1 Android 2.3.4
Other regions with different CSC file like United Arab Emirates can upgrade too but it may encounter difficulty when upgrading to Kies server again, you can get error update like KIES Says " This version of the device cannot be updated. "so the best method is to update your device via Kies server if you doesn't  enough idea on how to tweak firmwares via Odin. Just patiently wait for the official updates on your regions that will be rolled out sooner.

Two new HTC phones in the Philippines

Two new HTC phones have hit the Philippine shores. The first is the Android powered HTC Sensation XE. The Sensation XE is nearly identical to the original Sensation. As near as we can tell the only differences are but for the Beats logo and red back lighting of the for hardware buttons. Yes, the Beat logo also does mean it is bundled with Beats earphones.  

The processor speed has been beefed up to from a dual core 1.2GHz processor to a dual core 1.5GHz unit. The battery has been beefed up to 1730mAh from 1530mAh. CMK Cellphones list the retail price at Php26,600. This is Php2,100 more than the original model. Beats audio, faster processor and a larger battery certainly make it worthwhile buying the Sensation XE instead.

The other phone released by HTC is their new entry level Windows Phone 7.5 "Mango" device. The radar. It looks like it is a replacement for their previous entry level phone, the HTC Thropy which has a improved 5MP camera and adds a front cam. The price is a very reasonable Php18,200 for what it offers, having a 480 x 800 resolution 3.8-inch screen, 1GHz processor and 8GB of internal storage. Windows Phone 7.5 can start to go mainstream with lower cost devices like this.  

I hope the HTC Titan finds its way to the Philippines.

How to Download Youtube Videos on Android Phone

In this post, we are going to show you a quick tutorial on "How to Download Youtube Videos on your Android Phone". Now a days usage of the smartphones are being increased rapidly. People are spending a lot of time to stream the videos on their mobile devices. Usually every one want to view the videos on YouTube as it is a place where we can find thousands of videos over there.

If you are watching favorite videos on YouTube it usually takes a lot of battery to get video to be streamed so if it is your favorite video you can download and save it on your SD card, view the on your device when ever you want. Even i also do same thing on my android device to save battery life. To keep your battery backup for a long time I suggest you to download the video to your device and then watch it.
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Siri vs iRis - Android Vs Ios

today SassiBoB reviews Android's answer to Siri, iRis. iRis is a semi-productive artificial intelligence app. You can talk to iRis and iRis will talk back. But beware, she gets a little bit sarcastic, snarky, and just plain rude. Dexetra, the developer, says you need to have "Voice Search" and "TTS library" installed in your phone for iris to work, but most phones have them pre-installed. The permissions you have to allow are for full internet access and view network state, but hopefully soon there will be more for calendar, sms, and making phone calls and more. Check out some hilarious dialogue in SassiBoB's hands-on with iRis!

iRis in the market:

XDA article:

Sabtu, 22 Oktober 2011

Groups: Managing the influx of social information intelligently

One strong feature of the HTC Sense UI found on its Android devices is it proprietary people app. To get it working the way it is meant to you link your contacts with their social network profiles. Basically, Grace Kelly in my Phone is the same person as Princess Grace on Facebook and is Gracelyn Kelly on LinkedIn and @Gracie in Twitter. HTC Sense will suggest to you relevant links, and when it does not find a connection, you can link the account manually.

Your contacts can also be segregated into groups. The end result is aggregating all of a persons calls, messages and social networking post in one place, and being able to segregate people into different groups and in this way better be able to filter through the growing amount of information getting thrown our way.

As great as this system is, well, HTC builds a UI over Android, and having it baked into the operating system takes the experience to a whole new level.

Windows Phone 7 built into its operating system a People Hub, which basically does what HTC People app does, and adds more functionality.  Rather than describe it, I suggest you watch these videos:

HTC's implementation is great at collecting and filtering information, but because of limitations to what a user interface could do, replying to post and messages still had to be done in separate apps. Windows Phone 7 implementation allows to pretty much do everything from the People Hub.

Android has gone the same direction with Ice Cream Sandwich, and Contacts has been replaced by People. Basically, it expands functionality of HTC's People app (or some might say copied Windows Phone 7 people Hub depending on ones point of view) to include the ability to share, retweet and reply without having to go into a separate app 

I want to get a first hand look before saying anything more. Notably though, if you are a Google+ user, neither HTC's People app or Windows Phone 7 people Hub integrate Google+ yet.

iOS 5 started heading in this same direction, with integration being limited to Twitter at this point. I suspect we will be seeing People go to iOS with iOS 6.

Well, they are not called smarthpones for nothing.

Windows Phone 7 - The Nokia reboot coming soon

Apple's iOS 5 integrates features better Twitter integration. Android's Ice Cream Sandwich updates it's Contacts app to People. In reality, both operating systems are playing catch-up. Apple has a long way to go. Ice Cream Sandwich is knocking on Windows Phone 7 door.

Windows Phone 7 has always been activity-centered rather than app-centered. It created a concept of  hubs where you focus on an activity like "people" or "pictures" rather than what app would I need to post a message to Jane Doe on LinkIn or what app should I use to upload a picture to Facebook. In fairness, Android user interface like HTC Sense. 

HTC Sense integrated Twitter, Facebook, LinkIn, Flickr, Plurk and Twitter into your People and Friend Stream apps long before Windows Phone 7 came out. If you were wondering why so many people like HTC's Sense, well it is mainly the way it links you contacts across all the services you actually use to contact that person, and does everything under a common looking interface.  Still it is not as good as baking it into the OS. That is what Windows Phone 7 did. 

About eleven months ago, I saw my first Windows Phone 7 device, and I liked it a lot. Other then the People hub there are a lot of smart innovations on Windows Phone 7. iOS 5 requires you focus on 20 elements on screen at a given time without giving you any relevant information without having to open an app. In fairness iOS 5 has now added two non-customizable widgets and Android like notifications which greatly improves the operating system. 

Android has its informative widgets which can be pleasing to use in well integrated systems like HTC Sense, or can become like a cluttered desktop when you start using widgets from different apps which display things and operate in different ways.

Windows Phone 7 created a Live Tile system, where which basically limits you to having focus at between 4 to 8 elements at a time, and basically integrates the concept of an Icon and a Widget. Still a lot of work to be done, but it does strike a nice balance between simplicity and complexity. 

What Windows Phone 7 lacks is up to date hardware support. Like Apple's iPhone, you won't see any true 4G Windows phones this year. Windows Phone 7 also does not support screen resolutions higher than 480 x 800. Windows Phone 7 also does not support dual core processing, which means no 1080p  video recording and playback. There is nothing that can be done about that. 

In a few days time, we will see the Windows Phone 7 operating system gets it second public launch.  While Windows Phone 7 launched a year ago, many people do not even know it exists. The mistake Microsoft made last year was not getting phones into the hands of consumers.

When the first Windows Phone 7 device came out in the Philippines last year, the HTC 7 Mozart it was priced at the same level as Apple's iPhone. As you can expect, adopting was slow, almost to the point of non-existence. In eleven months I do now know anyone personally who own a Windows Phone 7 device. As against HTC's own Android offerings, it was priced at the same level as  the HTC Desire HD (at least locally) which has a larger screen, supported faster 3G connectivity and Angry Birds. I know it is a small thing, but did you really want to buy a phone in 2010 that could not run Angry Birds?

It is a year later. Nokia is set to launch its first Windows Phone 7 device, and really no one cares about the fact that it is a Microsoft Windows Phone 7 device. When Nokia launches it new phone people will be looking at the new Nokia phone. I have no doubt they will be amazed by the operating system. The hardware will be underwhelming mainly for lack of dual core and higher screen resolution support.

What will make or break this re-launch is price. If the Nokia 800's price bumps heads with the  iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S II, it will be a repeat of last year. No doubt, many will buy it simply because it is the best Nokia Phone in the market. 

But if Nokia, and Microsoft get together, and place it at price point where is challenges phones like the HTC Desire S, Apple iPhone 4 or LG Optimus Black, I think it will sell like hotcakes in Nokia's bailiwick markets.

Basically, Nokia, and Microsoft needs to get the prices of the phones right, even if they have to subsidize handset costs. Nokia and Microsoft needs to get Windows Phone 7 devices into actual peoples hands. It is only in this way that people will finally get to see what is probably the best mobile phone operating system in the world. It really could be their last chance. Google's Ice Cream Sandwich will be on phone in the market in a month and will be common place by the first quarter of next year. And, yes Android has pretty much caught up on Windows strengths, and has features that Windows Phone 7 still cannot touch.   

Well, just a few days to go to find out whether mobile will be a three horse race (yup am counting BlackBerry out) or whether it is time to write the epitaph for Windows Phone 7 and Nokia.

How to Take Screenshot on T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 T989

If you'll need to have a screen captured on your T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II) SGH-T989, that's too very easy. You don't need to have it rooted or install any software tools or screenshot capture application just to have a screenshots of your phone.

You can directly take a screenshots right away from your device because the Samsung Galaxy S2 is already has it's own built in screen capture function. All you need to do is just - by pressing the HOME button and then quickly press and release the Power button. (you have to push the power button quickly because the task manager comes up if you keep the home button pushed too long)
T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 T989 taking screenshot buttons
The taken screenshots will then be saved on the phones image gallery folder.
This will also works on AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II SGH-I777 and Samsung Galaxy S II I9100 (global version). This is how tech bloggers and developers do when they want to share a screenshot sample of their newly develop android themes or custom ROMs out over on the internet.

Guide to Root T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 SGH-T989 via Odin

The T-Mobile version of the Samsung Galaxy S2 is now can be rooted. One of our trusted android developer slayher over rootzwiki has finally done an awesome job and recently posted a how to root guide of the T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 T989. The rooting process is just a bit too easy, by way of -  flashing a CWR tar file(ClockWorkMod Recovery) via odin and manually installing an SU zip file (Super User) via the phone's SD card.

Download the ClockworkMod Recovery and Superuser zip files and follow the whole rooting instruction from slayher here.

Here's some screen shots on how to Root the T-Mobile Galaxy S2 device. 
1) On Odin put the ClockworkMod Recovery tar file for T-Mobile Galaxy S2 .
Odin guide rooting t-mobile samsung galaxy s II
 2) After setting the T-Mobile Galaxy S2 into download mode by pressing Volume Up and Volume Down, connect the phone to PC USB cable. Once Odin detected the phone, hit the "START" button to begin flashing the CWR.
3) When ODIN completes the flashing process and once rebooted this time we need to install the SU zip file on the SD card. Copy the SuperUser zip to the SD card.

4) This time we boot the T-Mobile Galaxy S2 into recovery mode by holding both Vol up and Vol down and by hitting the Power button. Once in Recovery mode make a Nandroid backup on the display option.
Then select Install zip from sdcard, choose the superuser zip use the Volume up and Down key and select the to install.

Once the Super user already installed, reboot the phone again. That's it! you now have a rooted T-mobile branded version of Samsung Galaxy S2 .

Jumat, 21 Oktober 2011

Dual Sim Droid: Lenovo A60

There is a lot to like about the new Lenovo A60. The Lenovo A60 is a entry Android powered phone running. But is as good as a budget phone can get. First, A60 costs Php7,700. At that price you would not expect too much. But that is not the case with the A60. It could have been priced 50% more and it would still have been considered reasonably priced.

The A60 runs Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread making it a current phone and up to date phone. It is not a 2010 model or early 2011 being flogged on the Philippine market.  You wont be seeing newer Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich phones for two or three months yet, and you wont be seeing them at the A60's price point for a very long time.

Second, the A60 has a 3.5-inch screen which is a pretty good size, being the same size as the screen even on the latest Apple iPhone 4S, and it has a decent 320 x 480 screen resolution which is the same as 3.5-inch screen phones more phone that cost twice as much  like the Apple iPhone 3GS or the Samsung Galaxy Ace. Yup, it is capacitative and supports multi-touch 

Third it is a dual SIM phone. Yup, it supports to SIM cards. It is the first phone from a "major" manufacturer that supports dual SIM cards. We have to qualify this with the fact that Lenvo is new in the mobile phone business, bit still it is unlikely they would intentionally allow their name to be placed on a poor quality product.  

The phone only comes with a 3.2MP primary camera and a VGA secondary camera, but at this price range you really do not expect anything better. On the processing side, it comes with a 650MHz MT6573 processor, 256MB of RAM and 512MB of ROM with a MicroSD card slow and a 2GB MicroSD card provided. Nothing great, but again on par with other phones in the price range, except for the amount of RAM. These days we would like to see  a bit more RAM.

Going past that it does have HSDPA connectivity, WiFi, GPS, a gravity sensor, proximity sensor, light sensor and FM radio. Inside is a big 1500 mAh battery. So, we are all waiting for the catch. Well, if anything it is that we have never used a phone with the MT6573 processor, but it does seem to be a current enough platform and it does have a graphics processing unit. The other drawback is Lenovo is new in mobile phones. Maybe there is no catch.

But look at is this way, at Php7,700 the phone matches the specifications of its competitors, and it is like Lenovo threw in the larger screen and dual SIM capability for free. So if we were going to take a chance on a unknown quantity, this would be a very good bet.

Download Free Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Home Launcher

A day ago Google has officially launched their new android operating system called Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Flavor. But the OS will take some time to reach for your all android devices, but there is another alternative way you can enjoy this new ice cream sandwich flavor through Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Home Launcher APK App and its available for download from android market store at free of charge. This launcher will totally transform your old home screen into new android 4.0 ice cream sandwich (ICS) GUI Interface. By installing this launcher on your smartphone you will get a lot GUI features like app drawer will give vertical smooth scrolling which you can easily jump into other tasks or apps running at background, new kind of widgets that really make you crazy to add at your home screen easily.
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