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How to Manually Upgrade (via ODIN) Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tab to 2.3.4 Gigerbread Update

Some of Sprint's Samsung Galaxy Tab users experiencing an update error like attempting the "Update Firmware" but the Tab stays busy for a minute and then eventually stops with the following error message:

"The Firmware update could not be completed.  Please try again later.   If the problem persists, you may need to contact Customer Service".

"Error:  Connection Error"

and or when attempting the "Update Android" it will only shows: "Your system is currently up to date."

Others may also having trouble updating it via WI-FI since many users having a wi-fi only version, and can only updated via 3G while the WI-Fi is turned Off. So, it needs to turn off wifi, and use 3G to get the update.

This is originally posted by ktran1588 over XDA for some reason and a solution to those who are having trouble updating their Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tabs. This is also an option to those who bought a refurbished Sprint Galaxy Tabs that has a WiFi only version.

Warning: You will lose root on the tab, and there is not a solution to root Gingerbread yet...
 Does applying it cause you to lose any apps or files on the tab? Make a back-up copy of all important files before proceeding.

First you have to have stock EB28 on the tab prior to the update.

Check the software version on your phone:

1.  From the Home screen, press Menu, then tap Settings
2.  Flick up to scroll down, then tap About Phone
3.  Software version is displayed under Baseband Version
4. Galaxy Tab shows like the following information:

Hardware version SPH-P100.08

Model number SPH-P100

Firmware version 2.2

Baseband Version S:P100.08 S.EB28

Kernel version

Build number SPH-P100.DJ30

If tour device firmware is not yet on EB28 follow these guide:

   1. Download the E24 flasher
   2. Find a copy of Odin (1.3 worked for me)
   3. Extract the flasher, look in \Models\Binary, strip the .MD5 extension from the file SPH-P100.EA24.SECURE.REV07-FULL_CL871413.tar.md5
   4. Load Odin
   5. Connect device via USB
   6. Reboot into recovery (power off, hold power and down volume keys or do a "adb reboot download")
   7. Select the newly renamed .TAR file in the PDA slot in Odin
   8. Select start (flashing should commence)
   9. Boot, then you will be prompt for EB28 update, allow the EB28 update to complete

Then follow these step to update to Gingerbread:

   1. Download the Gingerbread update (Special thanks to pvtjoker42 for this. Source)
   2. Copy the update_from_EB28_to_EF17.zip file to the root of your SD card, rename it to update.zip
   3. Reboot into recovery (power off, hold power and up volume keys or do a "adb reboot recovery")
   4. Use volume rocker to select apply update.zip (or whatever)
   5. Touch the home button to select

Sprint samsung galaxy tab 2.3 gingerbread

NOTE: If you got stuck during the update, try to reformat the sd card with your tab or use a different one, then try again.

Read the full procedure originally posted at XDA's thread here:

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