Senin, 24 Oktober 2011

Smart Communications now has 1,200 HSPA+ 42.2 mbps site in 120 cities and municipalities

Contrary to earlier reports that Smart Communications will be rolling out an LTE network, Smart Communications has confirmed that is has now 1,200 HSPA+ 42.2 mpbs towers in 120 cities in municipalities in the Philippines. The roll is being done rapidly. Smart Communications having increased the number of HSPA+ 42.2 mbps towers from 500 towers last month to 1,200 towers today.

I am not sure what has happened to Smart Communications plan to deploy a LTE  network. The advantage of a HSPA+ network is the technology is backwards compatible to 3G networks. LTE on the other hand promises 100 mbps download speeds. 

What phones can take advantage of these new speeds? There are still no HSPA+42.2 mbps phones.

a) Most 2010 phones like the iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S support HSPA 7.2 mbps.

b) Some late 2010 phones, like HTC's Desire HD, and most 2011 phones like the HTC Sensation and Desire S support HSPA+ 14.4 mbps. The new Apple iPhone 4S also supports HSPA+ 14.4 mbps.

c) The Samsung Galaxy S II supports HSPA+ 21.1 mbps.

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