Selasa, 01 November 2011

Google Launching a Music Download Store

Nowadays, it’s a hot topic that Google is starting a free music download store. This facility will work intently with the social network of the Google plus. It is authentic news that Google will launch the music store soon. Some of the predictions and reviews shows that it will be within two weeks but according to experts and professionals who are familiar with the Google policies and music download store the release can take more than two weeks. Fans of Google Music download store can use this offer for many advance song sharing options.

It will be possible to share lots of new free mp3 songs and mp4 videos with the help of Google Music Download Store. The song sharing facility can be used both for social and commercial purposes. The people who will use this service can sale the songs uploaded there to the customers. So there will be another business point online but mainly for the music related industries.
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