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MilkyS MOD with Kernel Based on Android 2.3.4 XXJVR (Odexed) Samsung Galaxy S Custom ROM

Here's another Custom ROM built for Samsung Galaxy S I9000 and develop by flypubec at XDA-developer. According from the creator of this ROM that say: "This ROM is meant to be the cream of the top among all ROMs/MODs based on official Samsung ROMs. It’s been built and polished by collecting all the magic from XDA and carefully selecting ones that really make the difference + added some of my own and here we go."


· Based on latest official XXJVR Firmware (All modifications done on original JVR files)
· Odexed (yes this is a feature, deodex sux nowadays)
· Zip-Aligned (meh, as every stock from Samsung)
· Original, untouched, super blazing fast stock JVR browser and all other apps
Note: browser performance is not affected by my modifications, because oposite to all other mods and themes out there, I did not use any baksmali decompiling. The problem with baksmali is that it’s broken for optimized dexes (like JVQ/JVR browser), which causes performance slow down, memory leaks and other errors.
· Keeps your original product code (other Odin packages changes it to KOR)
· Rooted
· Superuser app preinstalled
· Latest Busybox 1.19 preinstalled and symlinked
· CWM 2 & 3 Compatible
· init.d Support
· EXT4 LagFix Support (manageable through voodoo control app or CWM)
· AOSP lockscreen (like in Nexus S)
· CRT Off Animation (Enable by enabling animations in display settings)
· Working and fine tuned Auto Brightness
· Extended Power Menu - Reboot, Recovery & Download
· 3D shaded fancy Connectivity Icons
· Cool status bar with data traffic coloring and circle percentage battery icon
· Custom boot animation support
· Huge Apns List (automatically sets your APN settings)
· SIP Calling that works with 3G (stock works only with wifi)
· Voodoo Sound v10 – for better sound and radio quality (manage through preinstalled voodoo control app)
· Voodoo color - for better sharpness and color (further customizable through preinstalled Voodoo control app)
· Preinstalled RealCalc (Samsung calc really sux)
· Swype with more languages (UK English, US English, Bulgarian, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Korean, Norwegian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovenian, Swedish) - Original JVR Swype can be restored with the CWM patch (see below)
· MilkyS.Core kernel (based on latest Talon-dev sources patched with latest JVR sources recently published by Samsung and with some extra fine tuning and performance boost (compiled with newer toolchains 2011.q1)

Kernel features:

* Based on latest Samsung Opensource Gingerbread JVR Sources
* Voodoo Lagfix and Sound v10
* Voodoo Color for 2.3.4
* Ported Nexus S Framebuffer
* mDNIe based on Speedmod
* BLN Support from Neldar
* Custom Voodoo CWM
* Updated to latest Jhash3
* 340MB RAM Free (w/ 720p)
* OC/UV support up to 1.2ghz
* Swap + ZRAM (compcache)
* Wired Headset Support
* Audio Dock Support
* Battery Polling set to 60s
* Set Light Sensor Polling to 1s
* Sched_Autogroup v4 (per sessions)
* TinyRCU (smaller memory footprint)
* SIO / VR / BFQv2-r1 IO Schedulers
* Tweaked Ondemand Governor
* Stochastic Fair Blue (SFB) network scheduler
* Updated to latest Samsung Source
* Lots of Upstream Linux/AOSP fixes
* CIFS/TUN Support
* …and many more

MilkyS.MOD (1.1) + MilkyS.Core (1.0)

Quadrant Score and Battery Life Performance 

If you wish to give it a try and flash it to your Samsung Galaxy S, you can grab a copy the above custom ROM files and installation procedure directly from flypubec at XDA-developer:

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