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3 Free and Best iPhone Apps you must have

In this post, we are going to deal with 3 must have iPhone apps that are available for free. Over past few years, the war between iOS as well Android is growing really high and this competition is creating the excitement in the Fan base of these 2 brads and they are holding their nerves by expecting something big from their favorite brand. There are many apps available for both iOS and Android based Gadgets. The Best Free iPad Apps and iPhone apps are really creating great deal of interest among the Fan base with over 5 Million Live apps, while Android based Gadgets regardless whether they are SmartPhones or Tablet PCs which are having just around 2 Million Apps.

Considering the current competition between these 2 legendary brands, which kept on upgrading their devices with must more exciting features. I must admit that Apple is just a step ahead of Android though. Not only the app count there are many differences between these devices like compatibility, OS, Flexibility and many more elements. Not only had the SmartPhones, even after the evolution of Tablets which made this world really pumped up. There are many Tablet PCs around us, but we can only find few of the Best Tablet PCs considering their performance as well as their popularity. These Best Tablet PCs are loaded with exciting number of apps as well as stunning features. Apple iPad is one of the Best Tablet PC available while Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is yet another Best Tablet that is considered as one of the main enemy for iPad.

Let us check out 3 must have Free and Best iPhone Apps

#1. EverNote 
Evernote is one of the most obvious iPhone app that everybody will accept as a must have iPhone apps.
This app is designed in order to manage and organize your daily life in a productive manner.

It helps us to kick off the boredom feeling allowing us to take immediate notes with one tab in text, voice formats. It even makes Searching for Images much more easily making it one of the must have iPhone app.

This app is compatible for both your iPhone and iPad devices making is much closer app for Apple Users and helped them a lot in building a relationship with this.

#2. Angry Birds for iPhone
Angry birds is one such a game that doesn’t need any introduction for neither the Apple users or Android Users.

It is the most popular Smart Phone Game ever and all the Smart Phone gaming lovers were addicted to this game which is one of the most seducing game that one can’t stop themselves from playing it.

The Angry Birds was initially released for Android Users later, it was launched for Apple users as well making is much closer game for all users around the world. It’s the No.1 SmartPhone game ever developed.

#3. Trip It
Trip It is yet another most important iPhone apps that everybody must have.

This app is capable of giving the information regarding the availability of Flights, Restaurants, hotel, rental car reservation and many more.

What not it’s one of the ultimate iPhone Apps that is capable of doing most of your reservation job with just few taps on your iDevice.

You can find many exciting and Best Free iPhone Apps that you must have.

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