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How to Increase or Boost a Low Microphone Volume on Samsung Galaxy S II

If you are having some issue with your Samsung Galaxy S II which has a low microphone volume level and finding some complaints from people you call saying that they can't clearly hears you. It is quite sometimes that some users experience this problem regarding the loudness of their Galaxy S II microphone.
Samsung Galaxy S2 increase microphone volume
This problem may only occur during "in call" status while if you run the voice recorder application and speak normally you will find that it records well quite very clearly. Some forum reports said that they have return back their Galaxy S II for fix about the low microphone. But here's some tricks that you may try first and see if this works before you have to decide to have it back  to your service center.

This tricks are too simple and nothing to worry about, just do some click around with your menus, and do this steps below:

1. Setting the mic input level while the 'Noise Reduction' is turned off. You can do this by pressing the menu button while in call status then press the "Noise Reduction Off".

- Type this code on your Galaxy S2  dial pad *#*#197328640#*#*
- A number coded menu will then show.
- Now press  [5] AUDIO
- Next [1] NB (VOICE CALL)
- Next [1] HANDSET
- Next [1] VOLUME
-Next  [1]SRC SPEECH RX Volume
- Then [5]5_lvl: 90 ( the 90 is the input value of the microphone volume level, yours might have a different value than 90. Just remember the default value of yours so that you can use it to revert it back again)

Now, on that window there's a line stated "Input". You are going to edit or change the input value which can be done by pressing the Menu button, then the "Key Input". Write down 110 as your new maximum microphone input level and then press "OK" This is just like adjusting the volume knob of your audio amplifier to maximize the loudness.

2. Setting the mic input level while the 'Noise Reduction' is turned On.

- Press the menu button then the "Back". You may press 4 times until you will  return back from where you will see the Audio Setting  and the [1] NB (VOICE CALL) is in the first line.
- This time, press [7] HANDSET(2MIC)
- Next [1] HANDSET
- Next [1] VOLUME
- Next  [1]SRC SPEECH RX Volume
- Then [5]5_lvl: 90( Edit this input value like the number you have just write down from above)
Press the Menu button, then "Key Input". Write down 110 as your new maximum microphone input level.

I have proven that this tricks works on my Galaxy S II android phone, but the only certain issue is that it will automatically revert back to the default input level settings once you rebooted or restart the phone . So if you want to keep it permanent, find a way to never restart your phone, or consume your phones battery life. So, hope this works for you too.

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