Selasa, 13 September 2011

Looking for a Asus Eee PC X101

I wrote about the availability of Asus new ultra-thin and ultra-cheap netbooks, the Asus X101 and the X101H a week ago. Both are 10-inch Atom powered netbooks, with the X101 having a 16GB SSD and a slimmer 0.69-inch thick case, while the X101H has a 250GB hard drive with and a chunkier 0.89-inch case.  

I was looking for a X101, to use as a Linux box. Take it out of the box, wipe Meego from the drive and install Ubuntu... well that was the plan.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find one. While the X101H is available pretty much everywhere, I I could find the X101. A retailer told me that their orders for the X101 have not come in yet and they are not expecting it soon because of a driver  issues with the SSD drive.

So, for those who want an X101, we have to wait a bit more.

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