Selasa, 20 September 2011

Nexus S 4G Android 2.3.7 Update GWK74 Original OTA Firmware and Rooted Odexed/Deodexed Stock ROM

The Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread OTA (Over The Air) firmware update already rolls out for Sprint SPH-d720 Google Nexus S 4G. This firmware build version is GWK74, and anyone who runs from GRJ90 can now upgrade to GWK74 and receive a notification message stating that an update is already available via on OTA. This firmware update will pushed out to everyone but we're aren't sure of how long does it takes.
Sprint Nexus S 4G GWK74 android 2.3.7 firmware update

The said update brings along with a Google Wallet feature and a Google Security Fix, see details here.
Some users who already got the GWK74 update already gets a nice surprise of  $10 credit on Google Wallet. So, for anyone does not have receive the notification may need a little bit patience and wait. Others already got a manual upgrade using the original GWK74 stock ROM that has been pulled from the said update from Sprint.

Here is the direct download to the zip file for the update to GWK74 Android 2.3.7, this can be applied if the current software version of your Nexus S 4G is GRJ90.

How to apply the GWK74 Android 2.3.7 update? Watch this video.

How to root this firmware version? BuglessPete already pack the GWK74 Stock Rooted ROM the Odexed and DeOdexed version.

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