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The iPhone 5 Buzz

It is expected that Apple is going to release its fifth-generation handset iPhone 5 by the end of October this year 2011. It seems as if Apple intentionally delayed the introduction of iPhone 5 for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the holiday season is around the corner and the masses have been hearing a lot of rumors regarding iPhone 5. People would love to have this new handset as gifts of Christmas and other events. Market has been greatly occupied by Apple due to this delay. Secondly, Droid Bionic is a recent entry in the market with much improved camera results. Apple had to figure out some way depending upon this market response with something even better. Also, there had been issues of reduced sales due to antenna problems with iPhone 4.

Specifications of the Apple iPhone 5

Though Apple has not disclosed any information about their upcoming product, yet the market is stuffed with a lot of matter on iPhone 5. Apple has been in the lead in the smart phone business and hopes to strengthen this lead with release of iPhone 5. The bright line of this entire buzz around is that it is going to ignite competitiveness in the smart phone business arena. Some of the specifications of iPhone 5 are mentioned.

1.       New design
2.       Smarter
3.       NFC support/Bluetooth 4
4.       Hybrid GSM/CDMA
5.       Voice Controls
6.       Better speaker and camera
7.       iOS 5
8.       Miscellaneous

1-New design: It is expected that this handset will be put in the market with a teardrop case design, i.e. the new iPhone 5 will be thicker at one end as compared to the other.

2-Smarter: It has been reported the Thunderbolt connector has been used in the design of this handset. So, iPhone 5 is supposed to be about 10% thinner than the previous models.

3-NFC support/ Bluetooth 4: iPhone 5 may come up with Bluetooth 4 implementation or with NFC support as Apple has been working on this for quite some time now.

 4-Hybrid GSM/CDMA: It is expected to come up with hybrid GSM/CDMA facility which is most likely to offer advanced integrated artificial intelligence and reality support employing Siri Technology. In other words, user will be able to connect to most of the available networks using a single device. AT&T and Verizon are expected to be hit by iPhone 5 simultaneously along with reaching CDMA networks.

5-Voice Controls: An application known as Assistant is employed in new iPhone which will improve the voice controls. One will be able to send texts, make Face-time calls as well as speak music requests. 

6-Better Speakers and Camera: Speakers being placed inside the new mobile device are very much improved. This handset is supposed to carry 8-megapixel camera from the Omnivision with camera modules being about 20% thinner than the previous models along with much improved LED flash light system and front camera.

7-iOS 5: Another feature is the iOS 5 on which Apple has been working quite hard. It I going to integrate with iCloud for access of computing services from anywhere.

8-Miscellaneous: Of course, enhanced processing and storage are necessary in new models. iPhone 5 comes with 1Ghz Dual-core A5 processor, 512MB RAM, up to 64 GB of storage, full HD support and above all approximately same price as existing models.

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