Kamis, 22 September 2011

HTC Titan Enables Video Calling Feature After Windows Mango 7.5 Update

Most awaiting update, we all been waiting for so long from the Microsoft none other than the Codenamed Mango 7.5 had stepped ahead to bring the video calling support . This was the major update from the Microsoft which we all been waiting to use this kind of new features on windows 7 phones. After this Mango 7.5 update windows 7 phones gained strength on mobile market and they could compete with the present OS platforms. As they demonstrated the video calling feature on the HTC Titan with new software application called Tango, it was cross–platform video calling app which was already available on both Android and iOS market.

As this cool new feature will be packed with the upcoming next generation models like HTC Titan and Radar, both mobiles having front facing camera. Unfortunately the previous windows 7 phones does not have front facing camera.  Sad to hear that they will definitely miss this new feature forever.
windows 7 phone mango 7.5 update enable video calling support
As the video seems flawless and pretty smooth. We assume that this feature might be supported on both 3G and through the Wi-Fi. And one more thing it’s pretty cool that we could actually switch the camera so that we could show them what we are gonna show without turning your phone. Pretty Cool ahh..As there are pretty lot more features on their way to us. We gonna love the windows once again.

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