Jumat, 09 September 2011

Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread for Verizon Droid Charge EP1W Official Build Publicly Released

The Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread firmware update for  Samsung Droid Charge has been publicly released by Teamblackhat. The said firmware leak with a build number of EP1W.
Some testers said that it doesn't seem to be a huge improvement over EP1Q, still has the hissing crackle from time to time during calls. The reboot is the only one I've had since being on GB, don't think it happened on EE4. Still getting random, short bursts of skipping garbledness while listening to Audiobooks from time to time. 

File name: CI510_VZW_EP1W_ALL_ONE-LTE-CP_REV3_user_CL485836_ship_debloated.tar.md5.7z
File size: 321.5 MB (337156287 bytes)
File hash: d91d396baabffdb5f82e69604a40cd25

Internal tar.md5: CI510_VZW_EP1W_ALL_ONE-LTE-CP_REV3_user_CL485836_ship_debloated.tar.md5
File size: 549.7 MB (576368742 bytes)
File hash: anf037e8517c3d5257709402c19db7eb93

Release notes: This is unofficial and a leak. Teamblackhat is not responsible for what you do to your phone. Installing this firmware will void your warranty and may cause harm to your device.

It includes Stock-Rooted, DeBloated-Rooted, and Radio only.
You can download it from the this thread mydroidworld.

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