Senin, 05 September 2011

Guide on How to Install a leaked Honeycomb on HTC flyer

From a news month ago that HTC spokesperson has confirmed the Honeycomb upgrade for HTC flyer will be made available as soon as possible after it releases. It's been little while ago since that report claimed. But now, you might probably already know, The Beta version of the Honeycomb for HTC Flyer has leaked a few days ago. Advance users already tested the said ROM even it's been somewhat very complicated to install. The process reportedly tested and works on a Euro WWE 32 GB 3G Flyer and may also work with other variants but unconfirmly works well so far.

Here's a few screenshoots just for a brief details of what have we got to the the HTC Flyer Honeycomb update.
HTC Flyer Honeycomb Firmware SS2

Important Things Needs to Consider Before Following this Guide:
* This process is recommended for experts only!
* This guide is only tested on a Euro WWE 32GB 3G Flyer - it may work on other configurations, but this is untested (i'd advise reading the topic to see if anyone has experimented with your configuration!)
* Anything you do from this point forward is at your own risk - my Flyer works and i've resurrected a couple of others, but I take no responsibility if it all goes horribly wrong. You COULD brick your tablet
* Do NOT under any circumstances run the RUU in it's entirety nor 'fastboot flash' - this will make irreversible changes that you don't want!
* Be careful if you flash any RUUs or do anything that could revert you to S-ON on a broken system - this could leave you stuck
The installing process needs to ensure that you have an RUU that matches the ROM version of your HTC Flyer just a back up if anything went wrong and can roll back the process. You can follow the complete step by step installation guides from Paul of Android Modaco here on this thread.

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